Frequently Asked Questions


What is Professor Karin Schallreuter’s email, website and address?





Institut für Pigmentationsstörungen Greifswald e.V.
Biotechnikum Greifswald
Walter-Rathenau Str. 49a
D-17489 Greifswald


What was the cost of the Climatotherapy trip to the Dead Sea, Jordan with Professor Karin Schallreuter?


The answer can be found in this blog post. Please take note that these prices were accurate in 2014, they may have changed in recent years.


What diet do you follow?


Over the years of attempting to manage my Vitiligo, I’ve tried a number of different diets including paleo, vegan, gluten free, dairy free and probably more!

Right now, I am a vegetarian that on the whole, eats natural unprocessed foods. I can’t say it’s resulted in any repigmentation, but my vitiligo hasn’t gotten any worse since going vegetarian.

In my opinion, everyone’s diet is their own personal preference. Avoiding gluten also seems advisable whether you are treating Vitiligo or otherwise. Guru also believes some of his success is down to cutting out gluten.

For anyone accessing their meat consumption, a few things changed my perspective:

Regardless if it’s grass fed, the way animals are killed (unless being shot from a distance) evokes their stress hormones which will affect the quality of the meat.