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Nutrition/Diet, Vitiligo

Guru’s Update & “Balancing the Immune System” Results

Apologies again for the lack of new content on the Blog recently. After initially moving to London, I ended up moving jobs twice and moved house again – all in the space of about 4 months!

I’m preparing quite a long post regarding the exciting research by Dr Matteo Bordignon on the connection between MIA (melanoma inhibitory activity) and non-segmental Vitiligo. In the mean time, you can read some of Flavio’s excellent information in comments of my previous posts where he talks about this.

I’ve spoken to Dr Bordignon and he has agreed to have a Google Hangouts Video Call with me sometime in October regarding his research. Hopefully, if all goes to plan, I’ll upload video to the blog.

Remember this handsome chap?

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Nutrition/Diet, Vitiligo

Balancing the immune system

As I continue to believe that my main cause of Vitiligo is an internal immune imbalance or defect, I decided to try the immune system balancing and hair analysis program from Dr Wilson.

Dr Wilson

Dr Wilson

I’m working with Lila Hammond who is a practitioner who runs This is Energy and works with Dr Wilson to offer the treatment in London. This is her summary of the program:

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