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Vitiligo Society Open Day 2016 Talk Now on YouTube and Upcoming Vlogs

Hello Everyone!

A very quick update to let you know that I presented at the Vitiligo Society Open Day Conference 2016, a day after I returned from my treatment in Jordan. If you’ve got 29 mins to kill,  the video is now on YouTube –


Also, there are more Vlogs coming! I filmed another 3/4 and I’m in the process of editing them now. Thank you to everyone for the incredible support I’ve received since starting the videos, I don’t find it easy but the encouragement I’ve received has been amazing! Make sure you stay subscribed to my Blog and YouTube Channel to get notified when I release them.

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  • Reply Mary Ellen McCarry April 5, 2017 at 3:40 am

    Simon, I believe I have read and listened to all your blogs in their entirety. Thank you as I have found the most complete information out there. As well, you have open my eyes to the Jordan side.
    Please now I ask for your best recommendation for which hotel to stay.
    Also, If there are any groups to join (I am traveling from the USA. ) because I am learning the importance of the social benefits. I do not want to be alone. Are there many cool people with Vitiligo that go in May/June?
    Are you using only Wanakee wellness oils. (And no longer using “pseudocatalase cream” ? )
    How long prior to climatology trip to start oil application.? Do you need to do inconjuction w uv therapy?
    What is the supplement called that you could recommend. Many blessings on your journey.

    • Reply Simon April 7, 2017 at 6:58 pm

      Hi Mary!

      Thanks for the kind words.

      With regards to the hotel at the Dead Sea, I stayed at the Dead Sea Spa Hotel which is the same hotel that Prof. Schallreutuers takes people to. There is a medical center there on site. There are other hotels with medical centers on the Israel side of the dead sea such as the Lot Spa Hotel, but I have never been to it.

      I used Wankees oils when treating my skin out there at the Dead Sea and believe it helped, I don’t use PC-KUS at the moment but it has been proven to support the repigmentation process . I only started using Wankees oils about week into the Dea Sea trip as I wanted my skin to adjust to the sun first.

      I use Recolour Vitamins (no affiliation!) to support my body when treating the vitiligo.

      Hope this info helps!


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