Vitiligo Society Open Day 2016 – Event Registration Now Open!



Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to inform you of the upcoming Vitiligo Society Open Day on October 1st 2016:

Vitiligo Open Day Flyer


Last years event was sold out, and this years is set to be even better as we have talks that include stress management, nutrition best practice and also a live video stream and Q&A with Lee Thomas!

Admission is £15 per ticket for non-members of the Society. The event is taking place near Victoria station, London.

Note: There is an option to set Simon’s Vitiligo Blog as “How did you hear about this event?”. I do not earn any type of referral fee from this, it’s purely to monitor where registrations have come from.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me via the contact form or the comments section.

I look forward to meeting you there!

Dead Sea, Vitiligo

I’m going back to Jordan!

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be returning to Jordan in September for 25 days. It’s been a stressful year of many changes, both personal and from a career perspective and in turn my Vitiligo has gotten slightly worse. Plus, I could do with the down time!

I was going to wait until 2017 and go back for treatment alone, but by chance, the opportunity came to travel with a German group (no connection to Prof. Schallreuter as far as I can tell) called Vitiligo-Bund. All flights, hotel and medical center bookings are handled by Freimuth-Reisen, a travel agent specialising in Dead Sea trips. I believe I am the first person travelling from the UK as part of the group, and they’ve been really accommodating in helping me with flights and dates.

You can view details on the trip here. There are still spots available, and there has already been two sign ups from followers of my blog, so if you are interesting in coming along please email and reference ‘simonsvitiligoblog’.

I’m planning to publish some video content whilst on the trip to share the experience with followers of this blog. I’m keen to share my experiences and how it compares with Prof. Schallreuter’s trip to Jordan that I attended 2 years ago.

7 weeks and counting!


Save the Date: The Vitiligo Society Open Day 2016, London. Guest Speakers include Lee Thomas!

Just a very quick update to let everyone know that The Vitiligo Society will be running another Open Day this year on Saturday 1st October 2016 from 10:00 to 16:00 (BST).

I’m also happy to report that Lee Thomas has kindly agreed to speak via video conference and have a Q&A session. You can see Lee in action here.


There will be a formal registration site available soon with a full list of guest speakers and where you can purchase tickets online for the event.

More details to come!